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A. Residents may take a pass or leave at anytime while living at the Veterans Home. However, rent will be charged for all days they are absent, unless they are hospitalized in a VA Medical Center or non-VA hospital at the Veterans Administration's expense.

A. If the resident resides on the Basic Care Unit they are not eligible to receive Medicaid benefits. If the resident resides on the Skilled Nursing Unit they may be eligible to receive Medicaid benefits if the resident meets the financial eligibility requirements.

A. The Basic Care Unit is not Medicare/Medicaid Certified; however, we meet North Dakota licensing standards for basic care and the Veterans Administration on domiciliary cares. The Skilled Care Unit is Medicare/Medicaid Certified. You may see our most recent survey results at

A. Yes, the Veterans Home does provide transportation to the Fargo VA Medical Center for medical appointments.

A. The State of North Dakota pursuant to the North Dakota Century Code Number 37-15-01 operates the North Dakota Veterans Home.

The North Dakota Veterans Home is not part of the VA Medical Center. The Federal Government through United States Department of Disabled Veterans Administration operates the VA Medical Centers.

A. The North Dakota Veterans Home does have a Memory Care Unit.

A. The North Dakota Veterans Home provides a bed, nightstand, wardrobe closet, desk, and desk chair. The Veterans Home also provides all linens; such as, sheets, blankets, pillows, towels, etc.

Residents may bring clothing, personal items, pictures, TV, radio, alarm clock, etc. as space allows. The storage for personal items is approximately 3 medium totes or 2 large totes.

A. The North Dakota Veterans Home has space for a vehicle; however, you must provide current proof of insurance, registration, and a valid driver's license.

A. The North Dakota Veterans Home offers a variety of activities to suit the interest and social needs of our residents. Some of the activities offered at the Veterans Home are scenic drives, bingo, work therapy program, volunteer program, computers with Internet and games available, TV lounges, libraries, card games, pool tables, etc.