"To care for him who shall have borne the battle and for his widow and his orphan."
-Abraham Lincoln

America has long provided for retired and disabled veterans in recognition for the special sacrifices they have given to our country. Have you ever stopped to think about all the freedoms we enjoy in American society today? Have you considered how those freedoms were achieved? They were achieved by the sacrifices of America's veterans - those men and women who gave time out of their lives to preserve the freedoms granted by the Constitution. The American people have not forgotten the debt they owe to these veterans, and have responded generously. No other nation can boast the high quality medical care and benefit programs American veterans enjoy today. For more than half a century, the U.S. Department of Veterans Affairs has provided veterans with health care of exemplary quality. However, the task is becoming more difficult as there is considerable pressure to reduce federal expenditures to help lower the nation's deficit. This is occurring at the same time as the age of the veterans population is rising and there is a substantial increase in the number of severely wounded younger veterans from recent conflicts. This special facility concentrates on the unique needs of veterans and their spouses.

Goals of the Foundation

The goal of the Foundation is to build a permanent endowment from which investment income will be used for activities, programs, and equipment to enhance the quality of life for the residents of the North Dakota Veterans Home. The Foundation is a charitable organization recognized by the Internal Revenue Service under Section 501 (C) (3). This designation provides for tax benefits for donors.

There is a Need for Additional Resources

The State of North Dakota has made significant efforts to support the North Dakota Veterans Home, but it will be the support of the North Dakota Veterans Home Foundation, Inc. that will make the difference in being able to enhance the services provided.

Federal deficits have resulted in pressure to reduce government spending. The pressure to reduce budgets for federal agencies, while the veteran population is aging rapidly and presenting different health care needs, has resulted in significant challenges for federal and state governments. As a result, veterans will continue to need more - not fewer -- resources at a time when the resources to support those needs are becoming more scarce.

Donation Plans

  • One Time Giving
  • Estate Giving
  • Periodic Giving

What We Have Done

What We Have Done