The North Dakota Veterans Home welcomes organizations or individuals that wish to donate.

This funding is used for the benefit of our residents and making improvements/repairs to our facility and its grounds. Following is a brief explanation of the donation accounts that are available and what they are used for. Please make checks payable to the North Dakota Veterans Home.


The North Dakota Veterans Home has the right to refuse any donations given for purposes other than what we support.


The Activities Fund is used to keep our residents socially active. The Activities Department uses funding for field trips, birthday clubs, bingo, musical entertainment, etc. This funding allows our residents to stay active, have fun, and interact socially with others.


This fund is used to purchase essential oils for the residents to help the improvement in health problems from anxiety to poor sleep.

Decorating/ Furniture 

This fund is used to purchase decorations for residents' households and furniture such as couches and lift chairs for the living rooms in the households. 


This fund is used to purchase equipment for residents' use. Items purchased from this fund include such things as exercise equipment for our therapy department and televisions for the residents.


The North Dakota Veterans Home uses this fund to beautify the park and grounds of the facility. Some projects we are working toward are updating courtyards, additional walking paths, and outdoor furniture. 

Resident Christmas

This fund is used to allow us to do a little something extra for our residents at Christmas. We use the funds to purchase Christmas gifts for our residents and special parties or entertainment.

Resident Workshop and Art StudioTools/Supplies

This fund will be used to purchase tools, wood, stain, painting supplies, etc. for the resident workshop and art studio.

Special Events

This fund is used for events that are above and beyond normal activities. The money in this fund will be used for sporting events, like going to the Twins Game.

Veterans Care Cart

This fund is used to purchase comfort items for residents who do not have the income to afford their own clothing, shoes, personal care items, etc. We stock a supply cart with these necessary items, which we make available free of charge to the residents on a regular basis.

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Contact Information:

North Dakota Veterans Home
1600 Veterans Drive
Lisbon, ND 58054
Mark Johnson, Administrator
Susie Schlecht, Marketing Coordinator