The Skilled Care Unit (Nursing Home Care) is the unit in which the Resident requires ongoing nursing supervision and/or assistance in one or all areas of physical needs and activities of daily living. Care in this area ranges from total assistance in all care needs to supervision of one or two care needs, depending upon the resident's capabilities. Medical care is available on a regular and frequent, but not continuous, basis. The North Dakota Veterans Home Skilled Unit (Nursing Home Care) is a licensed Medicare/Medicaid provider.

  • The Skilled Care Unit has 52 private rooms.
  • Transportation: Transportation to and from local health care providers and also to the Veterans Administration Medical and Regional Office Center in Fargo
  • Mail Delivery: Mail is delivered to each resident's room
  • Barber/Hairdresser: Barber and Hairdressing services are offered on a weekly basis
  • Pastoral Services: Pastoral Services are offered to meet resident's spiritual needs
  • Hospice Care: Hospice Services are available
  • Family/Resident Council: Family and Resident Council meetings are held to ensure that family and resident concerns are addressed
  • Volunteer Ombudsmen Program: The NDVH ombudsmen may assist residents with any complaints, concerns or resident rights issues. He may also refer residents to the Region ombudsmen