The Basic Care Unit requires that potential residents have total independence with personal care needs; such as, bathing, dressing, eating, ambulating (walking), toileting, transferring, etc. NDVH is unable to accept residents who are receiving dialysis treatment. NDVH requires that applicants who have a diagnosis of alcohol or substance abuse have nine to twelve months of documented sobriety before being accepted to NDVH. If the potential resident has a mental health condition it must be stabilized at the time of admission.

Our Basic Care Unit consists of two pods with four households per pod. These are designed for residents that independently care for his/her own needs. Medical and nursing supervision is available. Meals are provided in a central dining room.

Other features of the home include:

  • 98 Basic Care Beds
  • Transportation: Transportation to and from local health care providers and also to the Veterans Administration Medical and Regional Office Center in Fargo
  • Barber/Hairdresser: Barber and Hairdressing services are offered on a weekly basis
  • Mail Delivery: Each resident has mail delivered to an individual locked mailbox
  • Pastoral Services: Pastoral Services are offered to meet residents spiritual needs
  • Resident Council: Resident Council meetings are held to ensure that resident concerns are addressed
  • Work Therapy Program: Residents who are capable of working may do so under supervision and receive minimum wage pay
  • Volunteer Ombudsmen Program: The NDVH ombudsmen may assist residents with any complaints, concerns or resident rights issues. He may also refer residents to the Region ombudsmen