The NDVH Foundation Board

The Foundation's Board of Directors is composed of volunteer leaders from throughout the state. These civic minded leaders have demonstrated a commitment to veterans and a deep concern for their well-being. The Board provides guidance and leadership for three activities necessary to accomplish the foundation's objectives:

  • Promote giving
  • Management and investment of funds
  • Allocation of income from investments

The Board uses the services of investment professionals to assist in managing the investment portfolio. The Board consults with the staff of the Veterans Home, the Veterans Home Governing Board, and the Administrative Committee on Veterans Affairs to determine the most effective use of interest income. The Board is also responsible for long-range planning and establishing goals and objectives.


Russ Stabler (VVA) - President

Jim Hapala (VFW)- Vice President

Roy Fillion (DAV) - Treasurer

Kenny Wiederholt (AL) - Secretary


Carroll Quam (AL)

Jeff Hummel (AL)

Jim Verwey (AMVETS)

Allen Wondrasek (AMVETS)

Vigo Petersen (AMVETS)

Jim Fenstad (DAV)





Dennis White (DAV)

Richard Belling (VFW)

Robert Mitchell (VFW)

Ed Ahonen (VVA)

Larry Young (VVA)